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Famous RIP-OFF alert : Frank Lewa / Henning Seefeldt!!!

During the reading of this guide, you will learn how to avoid losing your money and what security measures you must take when you place your bid.
Frank Lewa / Henning Seefeldt is a well known fraud from Germany. He is making new accounts on eBay even as we speak, to list items he doesn't actually own. The scheme he uses is the following:
1. Make a new account on a different name. Lately he is making accounts using girls names, to add to the credibility.2. List a number of items, usually music (rock, goth, metal etc.) or movies. He will mix regular CDs and DVDs with very rare and expensive CDs or vinyl LPs, also to add to the credibility.3. His feedback is zero or next to zero and it shows that he is a new eBay user. He may leave feedback through his other accounts or wait until his account is no longer listed as "new", so that he will appear to be a regular eBay user. Sometimes he will have "private" feedback, to hide the negative feedback or to avoid showing suspicious positive feedback from other low feedback accounts.4. He will regularly end listings early to the highest bidder, and most of his items are 3-day listings.5. After someone wins the auction, he will request the payment to be made by bank transfer. His former accounts where he received money were:
V. BlachaPostbank Nürnberg Konto: 949044853 BLZ: 76010085 Additional account information:IBAN: DE65760100850949044853 BIC: PBNKDEFF Address: Schulstr.12, 47475 Kamp-Lintfort, Germany
F. LewaPostbank DortmundKonto-Nr.: 361292462BLZ: 44010046IBAN: DE82440100460361292462BIC: PBNKDEFF
Henning SeefeldtKonto: 4308193BLZ: 21052090BIC: HSHNDEH1ECKIBAN: DE56210520900004308193
Christian Lewa Konto: 715503466 BLZ: 44010046 Postbank Dortmund Additional account info:BIC: PBNKDEFF440 IBAN: DE29 4401 0046 0715 5034 66 Address: Schulstr.12, 47475 Kamp Lintfort, Germany
6. After a faily large number of such fraudulent sales are made, he will cash the money and usually after less than 1-2 weeks, he will close his eBay account. You won't be able to leave feedback. If you paid through a bank transfer or sent cash, there is absolutely no way for you to recover the money.7. He will wait for a short while, during which he'll spend your money on expensive items, entertainment and other personal amusements. When they money are spent, he will register a new account, on a different name, and start it all over again.
Some of his current and past eBay user names were:
geblo1972 :

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