Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

The Miracle Diet Drug that Fen Phen Attorneys Now Know is No Miracle

After the miracle diet drug, Fen Phen, was introduced in the early 90’s, nearly 6.5 million people consumed the drug.
The reason for such a large consumption was the immediate weight loss associated with the drug. However, after ties between Fen Phen and the fatal Primary Pulmonary Hypertension were established, American Home Products removed the drug from the market in mid September of ’97. While Fen Phen supporters did not want to believe the horrible side effects that would befall some, they soon came to the realization that the drug was quite harmful. Soon after Fen Phen was pulled from American shelves, evidence implicating AHP of withholding serious knowledge of the harmful side effects the drug would cause came to light. Since millions of people had taken the diet drug Fen Phen, a large percentage of these people were experiencing drastic side effects, and in some cases even death. Many people say they would pay any price to lose weight. However, death was not the price they wanted to pay. A large number of the lawsuits filed in state court were filed because of the different effects Fen Phen caused on people’s health. The people filing suit were seeking some type of compensation for the rising medical bills they were incurring. In late 1997, every single federal Fen Phen case was transferred to the United States District Court. This event started a series of nationwide Fen Phen settlements. In mid-November of 99, preliminary approval was given to the settlement class. In order to find that the agreement reached in the settlement was fair, the district court held a hearing. In August of 2000, the settlement agreement was awarded approval. Thus creating the American Home Products Settlement Trust. After attempts to overturn the court’s ruling, the AHP gave in to the settlement. If you are a patient who has suffered from PPH (Primary Pulmonary Hypertension) caused by the diet drug Fen PhenHealth Fitness Articles, then you should know that you are not part of the settlement agreement with AHP. All Primary Pulmonary Hypertension patients are required to file independent lawsuits to make any legal claim.

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