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Drug Rehab. Which is Better, Private Drug Rehab or Public Drug Rehab?

So which is better, a non profit, or a for profit rehab?

At first glance, the non profit rehab seems to the better choice, and in some cases it may be. The non profit rehab ideally uses all of the admission fees directly into your care, and does not exist to make a profit off of the suffering of others. A non profit is likely staffed by dedicated and impassioned professionals and recovering addicts, and may offer good value for the money, and it will almost certainly be cheaper!

A private facility, by definition is looking to make a profit, and as such a percentage of the admission payment is not going to your care bills, but to the ownership of the facility. Additionally there are some private operators that do run substandard programs, and although they may promise great things, do not offer nearly as much once they get your check cashed and you're in the door.

Why a private facility is often the better choice

But, if you have good insurance coverage (which should pay for a majority of your care) or have the means to fund your own treatment, a quality private facility is probably the better choice, and offers you the best chance at sobriety.

A quality private facility will charge far more, but will offer greater comfort and more private accommodation, will offer better staff to patient ratios, will offer more individual therapy with a trained and licensed therapist or psychologist, and are often set in beautiful and tranquil environments, ideally suited to the self reflection and medications of rehab.

A private facility is also more likely well equipped with peripheral programming and equipment very beneficial to recovery. More likely to have a good gym, yoga and meditation classes and other programming which does not sound all that necessary, but can actually contribute quite a lot to the experience.

The first step is making sure that any private facility under consideration is worthy of your dollars, does enjoy a good reputation, and offers quality and comprehensive programming. But if it does, it is probably the best available option.

If you have insurance coverage (about insurance for drug rehab) that minimizes your total contribution into the treatment costs, you should almost certainly seek out a quality private facility.

Any rehab is better than no rehab!

Of course any treatment is better than no treatment, and if your financial reality does not allow for participation in a better private facility, you need to evaluate the available options and select the best, which may well be a non profit or public institution.

The best private facilities are far better than anything else on offer, and if you have the money or coverage, they are well worthy of an investment in your future sobriety and happiness. Do your research, ask around (ask your doctor, ask the local health board) and get the best treatment you can reasonably afford.

The best non profit is FAR better than the worst for profitPsychology Articles, but in general and on average; you get what you pay for.

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