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What is a Galaxy DX959 "FlameThrower" CB radio?

FlameThrower CB radio History
The FlameThrower concept was developed by "Bob" a NASA Aerospace Engineer, "Brian" a Broadcast Engineer and "Bill" a Veteran RF Repair Technician in California who wanted to create (originally designed for their own hobby use) a CB radio that would match or beat the performance of the finest radios made. So, with a courtesy Galaxy DX959 in their possession, they combined their skills and experience and upgraded & modified critical portions of the radio, dramatically enhancing it's overall performance, calling it a FlameThrower ! It's name derived from a commercial broadcasting term meaning "Clear-Channel Radio Station". And that it is! Only one of the original creators of the FlameThrower is alive today, but the brilliant efforts of these three remarkable friends still lives on in the FlameThrower tradition. Considered by many, both then & now, The Best Custom CB Made. When you own a FlameThrower you not only own arguably one of the best custom CB radios made, but part of the efforts of those 3 guys from Southern California whom turned ideas into reality.

To build a FlameThrower CB requires the highest quality parts available some "Mil-Spec Flight Grade" and sophisticated test and alignment equipment along with a highly experienced professional technician. FACT: No CB shop has access to NASA Mil-spec high grade parts, the equipment or experienced staff to properly do the "dynamic" alignment procedure a FlameThrower goes through. Our state-of-the-art Digital RFMulit-Lab consists of computer based precision O-Scope, RF Wattmeter, Frequency Counter,Circuit Plotter, Beta Tester, Multi-level signal injection, and Spectrum Analyzer used for Military, Commercial and Private Avionics alignment and repair costing tens of thousands of dollars.This type of equipment is usually never seen by CB repair shop tech's, that alone trained to use it.

We triple check our radios for quality and operation before we ship out to our customers, and treat each FlameThrower radio just as if it was being built for a commercial avionics installation. We have sold thousands of radios and have experienced a ZERO failure rate based on our workmanship. That's Quality Control that can't be beat anywhere. And Every FlameThrower carries a full two year parts and labor Galaxy factory warranty that goes with the radio, even if you sell it to someone else. That's the best in the industry.

Before you buy a FlameThrower CB, or any radio for that matter, do your homework. Do a "Google" search for the radio. See what others are saying about the specific radio you are interested in buying.
Stay away from CB shop sponsored forums because they are ONLY interested in selling their radios and commonly delete or modify any posts on their forum that do not conform to THEIR best interests. Many comments made on these CB forums are written as though they are hard facts but actually couldn't be further from the truth.
Our FCC/FAA Licensed Technicians have posted honest comments,issues & concerns on these forums and the Forum moderator deleted them, Why? Because it contradict the false statements in their posts designed to deceive readers into buying their radios. Thus proving some CB shop owned forums are deceiving, biased and untruthful.
If the seller is on Ebay, carefully read the buyer's feedback which offers unbiased, unedited reviews & comments, NOT just statements or phony testimonials edited or approved by a CB Forum's Moderator or CB Shop's Owner.
Ebay also allows you to see how long the seller has been doing business. Stay away from the newbie guy who just showed up on the Internet, chances are they will be gone just as fast as they showed up.
Can we upgrade and modify a radio that was purchased elsewhere?
Unfortunately we no longer do modifications on radios that are not purchased from us.
We used to do it, but we began getting butchered radios by garage hobbyists & truckstop hacks in for upgrades.
The RF technician's time allocated for modifying, upgrading and tuning the radio was spent trying to undo the mess created by the previous "wannabe tech".
When we contacted the owners, many of them said they were not even aware of any previous attempts to modify the radio, or did not know the radio was not fully operational when they sent it to us.
From that point on, we no longer accept ANY used CB radios whatsoever for any reason.

FlameThrower philosophy

The philosophy behind the construction of each and every FameThrower is to bring the radio to it's maximum FCC performance without overdriving or sacrificing it's duribility.
Many so called "CB repair shops" are prone to butchering radios by cutting out audio limiters and pushing components far beyond their designed ratings just to squeeze a few more watts out of the radio.
This is like putting a brick on the accelerator of your automobile. This type of over-tweaking only results in distorted audio, early component failure and a trip back to the shop....
Now guess why they do that? Yes, the more you see them, the more they see your money.
It is a documented fact that increasing your radio's output from say 12 watts to 15 watts shows up on the receiving stations signal strength meter as an increase of not more than the with of the needle.
We believe this increased power is simply not worth sacrificing the radios performance, durability and service life for a slight gain in signal strength.
We don't do warranty work,....we don't work on outside radios,... we don't do repairs... therefore, we have no reason to over-tweak a radio that is prone to come back a disaster, allowing a rummage through your wallet with high priced repairs. Although that's the guarantee that most CB shops don't want you to know when they tweak & peak your radio past it's designed operational limitations.
It's your money, spend it wisely.

We at FlameThrower believe that quality wormanship is paramount and may appear to cost more at first, but saves you more than money in the long run.

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